Sherman ISD Partners in Education

  • SISD Partners in Education
    The quality of a community is defined by the strength of it's public schools. While the most important stakeholders at Sherman ISD are students, Sherman area businesses, organizations, and groups are significantly impacted by the success of our schools. Sherman ISD Partners in Education (PIE) focuses on the link between strong schools, student achievement and the community. PIE exists to encourage groups, organizations and businesses to become engaged in efforts to support our future workforce in fresh, meaningful and innovative ways. Sherman ISD Partners in Education strives to be a catalyst for the building and maintenance of effective and efficient school-community partnerships.


    Partners in Education's mission is to create and foster effective community and school partnerships to enhance educational opportunities in support of Sherman ISD students, schools and staff.

    Partner in Education’s vision is that the Sherman and Texoma community and Sherman ISD campuses work together to help ensure academic excellence and personal success for all students.

    What is Partners in Education?
    Partners in Education is a cooperative relationship where the community organizations, faith groups, civic groups, government agencies, and businesses partner with Sherman Independent School District to work together to benefit students, schools, partners, and our community overall. Sherman ISD schools and programs are enhanced through these partnerships that bring expertise, involvement, interaction, and support from the community into the classroom. The biggest benefit is that everyone benefits - students, schools, partners and our community.

    Why Partner?
    A strong public school system is basic to the health and growth of a community. Quality schools not only enhance the lives of students, families and communities; it attracts people to the area. When new businesses are attracted to the area they, in turn, provide important services, new jobs and help increase the tax base. Everyone wins when our schools provide the very best educational opportunities possible.