• PD 2020

    Professional development in Sherman ISD focuses on adult learning that results in student learning. The mission of professional development is to inspire, empower, and develop all professionals who impact learning.

    Professional development  is results-driven, standards-based, and job-embedded. Results-driven means that, during planning, implementation and evaluation of staff development, we ask:

    What do students need to know and be able to do?
    What do educators need to know and be able to do to ensure student success?
    What staff development will ensure educators acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for implementation?
    How will we know the impact on student learning?

Sherman ISD Staff Development

  • Sherman ISD believes in a continuous learning cycle that keeps teachers abreast of the most current, research-based, proven-effective instructional best practices.  We support this professional learning continuum through the following ways:

    1. August In-service:
     SISD provides 8 days of professional development at the beginning of each school year.

    2. Workshops/Conferences: During the school year, campus administrators offer on-site professional development sessions to teachers during the school day or after school on a wide range of topics.  They also send staff members to workshops/conferences outside of the district based on campus/teacher needs.

    3. Summer Professional Learning: During the summer, the district hosts numerous workshops that address instructional best practices.  Teachers have unlimited access to these learning opportunities.  SISD provides two Comp Days where teachers may take advantage of a summer training in lieu of a designated calendar day.

    4.  Professional Learning Communities:  District Leadership Teams exemplify Sherman ISD’s implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). DLTs can have a significant impact on teaching and learning at all levels and are expected to be a focal point for every campus.

    5.  Instructional Coaches:  SISD supports teachers through the use of instructional coaches to provide just-in-time coaching in the form of resources, modeling, data analysis and strategies that promote effective instruction.

    6. Book Studies: District and campus level book study groups allow school staff to focus on topics directly related to the district or campus focus and promote the exchange of ideas for instructional improvements. 

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