Distance Learning Option

  • Sherman ISD encourages families to commit to either in-person or online learning for the first nine weeks of school, after reviewing the Operation Reconnect Reopening Plan.  Due to the constantly changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that circumstances could change for our families, and adjustments to commitments will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the end of each grading period. If Sherman ISD needs to close school buildings again for an extended period of time, all students will transition to distance learning.

    Distance Learning Option

    • Students in Pre-K3 through 12th grade learn at home with online instruction through the SISD Distance Learning Program Monday through Friday
    • Curriculum is aligned with SISD In-Person Learning Option
    • Technology devices provided by Sherman ISD for students who need them for online 
    • learning
    • Opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities as allowed by TEA, UIL, and health
    • officials. Transportation to and from school is provided by parents.
    • Opportunity to transition to in-person learning at the start of each new grading period will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    • Student will need internet access, appropriate electronic devices, and parental guidance and supervision to complete school work


    Virtual Teaching and Learning Plan Overview

    • Students will be provided both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities based on the instructional delivery method and individual student learning needs.
      • For example, a teacher may notice in her review of submitted student work online that some students are struggling with the addition and subtraction of decimals.  Instead of re-teaching this concept to her entire class, the teacher might decide to schedule a small group synchronous (live virtual) lesson with those students, offering differentiated instruction based on their needs.  
      • Asynchronous (not live, accessible at multiple times/locations) instruction could also be provided to the remaining students who have mastered the addition and subtraction of decimals, providing them with an opportunity to apply this in a real-world problem-solving situation such as a weekly grocery budget.  
    • The goal of virtual learning is to allow for continued instruction while acknowledging the additional challenges that come without traditional, face-to-face classroom learning. Sherman ISD understands the difficulties faced by students and families.  SISD’s plan for virtual teaching and learning will be most effective when parents also commit to supporting their children in the learning process.  

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  • Distance Learning FAQs