• Lesson #2 Perseverance March 30-April 3, 2020
    Perseverance with Finding NEMO

    PERSEVERANCE- the ability to work through life challenges while giving it your BEST!

    • Finding NEMO Clips


      Now Let's talk about how PERSEVERANCE was shown in these three clips!!!  


      CLIP #1- Dory encourages Marlin to "Keep Swimming" and not give up looking for NEMO!!!!  

      YOU can be an encourager too just like Dory!!!  Encourage your friends and family to never give up, but to KEEP trying their best.



      CLIP #2- NEMO uses Problem Solving skills to help himself solve his problem, by adding one pebble he stopped the wheel. 

      FRIENDS, do not get discouraged think about different ways a problem can be solved, or ASK FOR HELP!!!!!



      CLIP #3- NEMO uses TEAMWORK to help save Dory.  Sometimes we can't do it alone, we need HELP!!!!  

      Again we hear, "Keep Swimming",  by chanting this mantra the TEAM was able to break the net and set Dory FREE!!!  Always Keep Trying!! Never Give Up!!


      March 23-27, 2020  Lesson #1 Perseverance

      Perseverance - The ability to overcome obstacles and failures in pursuit of a long-term goal. Also referred to as GRIT. If your child is passionate about something, whether it's academics, sports, or a hobby, and he continues to work hard at it after experiencing setbacks and failures, chances are he's showing some perseverance already.

      1. Staying with the task and not giving up

      2. Showing commitment, pride, and a positive attitude in completing tasks

      3. Trying again and again

      4. Being patient and willing to work hard


      Here's one of my favorite story books on Perseverance  "Giraffes Can't Dance", by Giles Adreae  A read aloud on YouTube

      Giraffes Can't Dance read aloud- Perseverance read aloud for K-2


      Salt in His Shoes- grades/2-4 Read Aloud- A story about Michael Jordan- A Story about Perseverance