Parent Resources
  • Sherman ISD Distance Learning 

    We understand that this is new and different and appreciate your willingness to partner with us as we provide a distance learning option for our students. Grade level and virtual class lessons will be available on the Sherman ISD Distance Learning website each day. Please click here to visit the Sherman ISD Distance Learning website.

    Social and Emotional Wellness

    The National Association of School Psychologists has provided resources for families across the country that are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to review the following tips and information the organization has provided. Also, be sure to check the Sherman ISD Distance Learning Parent Resources tab for helpful tips and information regarding COVID-19 for parents.

    For more resources from the Sherman ISD Counseling and Student Services Department, please click here.

    Video Conference App Resources

    Online learning has become a household word throughout the nation, and the use of video chat apps has significantly increased. Below are a few links to resources regarding the usage of video apps that may already be in use at your home.

    Helpful Links:

    Protect Young Minds

    Zoom Cheat Sheet for Parents

    Google hang Out and Zoom Support


    Distance Learning Curbside Meal Pick Up

    Sherman ISD Food Services Department will provide curbside meals for students participating in the Distance Learning option. If you request a meal(s) for a day or a week, please follow the instructions below:

    • Meal Pickup times are from 8:00- 10:30 am at each campus.
    • Please call the cafeteria's direct line to let them know you want the meals for that day.
    • Please call the direct cafeteria line when you arrive at the school for pick up and meals will be brought to your car.
    • Meals can only be ordered for the number of students that attend SISD. Please give the food service worker your student's name and lunch numbers.
    • Parents will need to call each day they want to reserve and pick up meals. 
    • ​If you have any questions or concerns, please call the food service office at 903-891-6426
    • Direct campus cafeteria phone numbers are listed below:
      • SHS-903-891-6467
      • Piner-903-891-6488
      • Dillingham-903-891-6509
      • Washington-903-891-6714
      • Neblett-903-891-6674
      • Jefferson-903-891-6619
      • Perrin-903-891-6684
      • Crutchfield -903-891-6575
      • Fred Douglass- 903-891-6558
      • Wakefield- 903-891-6604
      • Sory- 903-891-6654
      • Fairview-903-891-6589

    Park-N-Learn WIFI Hotspots

    Free internet access for our students is provided at each SISD campus 7 am-7 pm, seven days a week. Students using Sherman ISD devices will be able to connect to the Bearcat Wireless network. Students using personal devices will connect to the Sherman BYOD network. Students will use their Sherman ISD network login information to access the network. If you need assistance, please send an email including student name, a brief description of the problem, and contact information to

    If you choose to utilize any of our Park-N-Learn WIFI hotspots, at a campus or bus location, please remain in your cars, if possible, or stand at least six feet apart and follow social distancing guidelines.

    Crutchfield – Front parking lot

    Perrin School – Front parking lot, east side

    Fred Douglass ECC – Front parking lot

    Piner – Parking lots on North and East  side of building

    Dillingham – Front parking lot 

    SHS – Parking lots on South and West side of building

    Fairview – Front parking lot

    Sory – Front parking lot

    Jefferson – Parking lots on Southside of the building

    Wakefield – Front parking lot

    Neblett – Front parking lot

    Washington – Parking lot on North side of building

    Buses equipped with a Wifi hotspot
    may be accessed at the following locations and times. Students must be within 250 feet of the bus to access the Internet on the bus. Students will connect their device to the Kajeet SmartBus network. Password information will be sent via email directly to parents.



    Sherman ISD Admin Building –
    South side parking lot by the gym

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Hilltop Village Apartments –
    West side parking lot

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Apple Food/Dollar Store  220E Sunset –
    South west parking lot

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm


    Austin College -
    South parking lot across from Jefferson

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Sherman Public Library -
    South Parking lot by the playground

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm


    Sherman ISD Vehicles with Wifi may be accessed at the following locations and times:



    Fairview Park 

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Old Settlers Park

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Hawn Park

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Center Street Park

    Monday – Friday 10am - 2pm

    Device Request/Pick Up

    If you could not pick up your requested student device last week, student devices may be requested through your child's campus. Please email your campus to request a student device. Click here for your campus email address. Hot spots are currently unavailable for pick up at this time. 

    Password Reset

    If you cannot access your account for distance learning using your login information from the spring, you may submit a request when you visit the distance learning website. At the very top of the page, there will be a password reset button. We will have dedicated staff resetting passwords throughout the day, beginning Monday. Please click on that button to submit a password reset request.

    Technology Help Desk

    We understand that our parents may have additional questions or will need assistance. Please utilize the following contact information for questions directly related to SISD Distance Learning or technology support.

    • Email:
    • Technology Helpdesk: 903-421-4062 (7 am- 7 pm)