Understanding the credit requirements for graduation can be very confusing!  Your counselor is ready and happy to answer whatever questions you have.

    Each student, yes, even you, has a 4-year plan that he or she is working toward completing.  Your 4-year plan indicates the endorsement(s) you are required to complete, as well as a "proposed" list of courses to be taken each year.  Of course, there can be some variations in the courses, as new courses are added each year, or course options and availability can even change from year to year.  Your proposed courses may not match your friends' courses, even though you may be under the same endorsement because there are a variety of career pathways in each endorsement.

    As an 11th grader, you should be well on your way to completing the specific requirements of your endorsement(s).  (Each student must complete the requirements of at least one endorsement.  Some students may complete more than one.  Some of you will have completed your endorsement requirements by the end of 11th grade.

    Graduation requirements and specific course descriptions are located in the 2020-2021 Course Guide.  Please click the link to access the Course Guide.

    Please check with your counselor if you wish to review your 4-year plan, endorsement(s), or courses for next year.