Course Selection Guides

  • Middle School Students

    While high school graduation might not be the first thing an incoming middle school student thinks about, it is important to consider when choosing classes. Middle school is the start of a child’s secondary education, and all SISD middle schools offer a variety of choices in academics, fine arts, and athletics that can build the foundation for success in high school.

    When making class selections, it is recommended that you consider how those classes will lead to success in high school. Think of it as a seven-year plan for graduation that starts in 6th grade.

    Our middle school course guides are designed to walk students and parents through the process of selecting classes.

  • High School Students

    The information provided in our high school course selection guide is designed to assist students and parents in planning and making decisions regarding your high school career. The guide includes a description of each course, as well as information about graduation requirements, career pathways and programs of study, college admission processes, and postsecondary college and career readiness requirements.

    SISD's secondary curriculum offers a full range of courses, including advanced academics, an array of Career and Technology Education programs, fine arts, and a comprehensive selection of elective courses. In addition to the core academic programs, there are a variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular programs, as well as numerous clubs and organizations available. If you have any questions, or need more information about the various resources, services, and programs available, please contact your campus counselor. 

    2024-2025 High School Course Guide - English