Guidelines for Grant Application Form

  • Application Deadline: Technology-related grant applications should be directed to Kathy Bickerstaff for Technology review by January 19, 2024. All general grant applications should be submitted to Kathy Bickerstaff by February 2, 2024.

    Applicant Eligibility

    Individuals or teams of individuals employed by Sherman ISD who are involved in the instruction of students or related support services, including but not limited to counselors, nurses, and librarians. All faculty members awarded a grant must submit their project evaluation form by May 25, 2025. Failure to submit the evaluation by the due date will result in all primary participants on the grant being ineligible to apply for grant funding until the evaluation has been received.

    Eligible Applications

    Please ensure that funds for your grant are not included in regular budgetary funds and/or not eligible for reimbursement from other sources. Instructional initiatives may include, but are not limited to, math and science labs, technology, fine arts, career and technology, and internet-based programs. Grants for Technology will be reviewed by the Director of Technology Services for compliance prior to submission to the Grant Committee. The number of approved grants will depend on funds available from SEF.

    Notification of Grant Approval/Non-Approval 

    All grant applicants will receive written notification and information via email of the approval or non-approval of their grant.

    Application Process

    Approval of grant applications is based solely on merit of program or project and effectiveness level of supplemental instructional enrichment. 

    • Application form is available on the Sherman ISD website.
    • Title your project using the name of your campus and brief, concise description, such as: Wakefield – Science Bundle Kits.
    • Upon completion of the application, send a hard copy of the Cover Page ONLY with required signatures to Kathy Bickerstaff. Email the completed application to
    • The deadline for grants that require Technology approval is Friday, January 19, 2024.
    • The deadline for general, non-technology applications is Friday, February 2, 2024.
    • Applications will be reviewed, commented on, and selected by the Grant Application Selection Committee made up of the Program & Operations Chairperson and at least five appointed Foundation board members. Serving on the committee in a non-voting, advisory role are the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent. The Director of Technology and Curriculum Directors will be included as needed on an advisory basis.

    Suggestions for a Successful Application

    • Proofread your application! Be sure to correct any spelling or grammar errors!
    • Proofread it again to ensure that it is written so that someone who is not familiar with your project will understand it! It will be helpful to define acronyms and avoid educational terminology.
    • Including photos and/or links to websites affiliated with your request is encouraged.
    • Describe the area of student achievement you wish to address and provide any data that supports the need.
    • Be specific. Keep your statements simple and straightforward.
    • Ensure that the request cannot be included in regular budgetary funds, nor is the request eligible for reimbursement from government funding or other sources.
    • Provide exact pricing and remember to include shipping and handling costs.
    • Submit your application on time.
    • And, last but not least...BE CREATIVE – BE INNOVATIVE – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

    Responsibilities of Grant Recipients

    • The grant recipient must use the funds for the purposes intended.
    • Consider providing thank you letters from educator and/or students to share with SEF board members and contributors. (not mandatory, just a suggestion)
    • Be aware that grant materials and/or equipment become the property of Sherman ISD.*
    • Funds must be expensed by the last day of school of the grant year.
    • Complete the Foundation’s evaluation form and include photos, if possible, and submit it to Kathy Bickerstaff by May 25, 2025.

    *Materials and/or equipment purchased with SEF funds are intended to stay with the campus for which the grant was written. Only upon written approval following receipt of a specific request should materials and/or equipment follow an educator transferring to another campus. In no circumstance will the materials and/or equipment follow an educator if they leave Sherman ISD.

Grant Application Form