Attendance Call Outs

  • Sherman ISD is implementing a daily Attendance Call to alert and inform parents of their child’s daily attendance. In the event that a student is marked absent from one or more class periods, a partial/full day of school, or if the student is 15 minutes late to class or leaves class 15 minutes early, their parent/guardian will receive a phone call on the day of the recorded absence. The call will occur at 5:30 pm and will direct the parent to review and monitor their child’s daily attendance online through Parent Self Serve, or through the TEAMS mobile app to receive the specific details about their student’s recorded absence. The call will also prompt parents to contact the campus attendance clerk if the student’s absence is excused or was recorded in error. Parents can expect to receive only one call per day for each day their child is absent from a class period or a partial/full day of school.

    To monitor your child’s daily attendance, parents may do the following:

    • Click here to check and monitor your student’s attendance online.
    • Click here to download the TEAMS Prologic app to check and monitor your student’s attendance from your phone.
    • Contact your student's campus attendance clerk.

    This is just one of the many ways our district is opening the lines of communicating with our parents in order to ensure student success. If you have any additional questions regarding your child's attendance, please contact your child's campus attendance clerk.