Student Nomination Guidelines and Application

  • The nomination process for the 2023 Circle of Success Honored Students is in place. We encourage educators from Sherman High School to submit up to three (3) Junior or Senior students by Friday, January 6th to be considered for this notable recognition.

    Please submit the Nomination Form, which is available below as a fillable form, in typewritten form.

    There are so many student(s) at Sherman High School that are of good character, exhibit leadership skills and are willing to serve those in need. But, the only way for deserving students to be considered as Honorees is for them to be nominated by a teacher, administrator or staff member of SHS.

    Did You Know?

    • The committee that selects the finalists is made up of SEF board members that are not parents of students attending SHS.
    • They don't know the names of the students nominated and they diligently spend a great deal of time trying to make the best decisions.
    • The committee members are always impressed by the nominations of outstanding students attending SHS.
    • If a nominee has a part-time job, the committee takes that into consideration. If they have overcome difficulties, they take that into consideration.
    • Points are earned for the Byron Davis Awards for nominees and finalists. So, whether it is a terrific student in your classroom this year or a former student that you occasionally pass in the hallways, consider nominating them.

    The deadline for nominations is Friday, January 6th.

    Click Here To Download The Nomination Form.