Sherman ISD Campus Information

  • Located in the heart of the Texoma area, Sherman Independent School District is the largest and fastest-growing school district in Grayson County with more than 7,400 students across 12 campuses.

  • Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center

    Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center is dedicated to creating a positive, safe campus atmosphere that fosters learning and creativity for our youngest learners in Sherman ISD. The campus mission is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to be a part of a positive and nurturing environment that fosters social, emotional, and cognitive development. Programs offered at this campus include Pre-k 4, Head Start, Special Education, and Deaf Education. 

    Crutchfield Elementary School

    Crutchfield Elementary has a wide variety of opportunities for students to maximize their learning potential in various settings both on and off our campus. The campus houses the Regional Deaf Education program and is also a bilingual campus. Ultimately, Crutchfield is a tri-lingual campus and teaches classes in sign language, Spanish and English daily. The campus prides its self on its strong community ties and the students and staff love the community support that is shown every day by parents and community members. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Fairview Elementary School

    Fairview Elementary is a great place for students to learn. The campus is rich with history and legacy that stems from generations of Fairview Falcons that attended and now teach at the school. The principal and teachers ensure quality and inspire excellence by continually increasing expectations. They work together to create a safe, positive environment that will nurture and promote each child's sense of character and self-worth. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Jefferson Elementary School

    Jefferson Elementary School is nestled in the heart of the city of Sherman, directly across the street from the prestigious Austin College. The campus is the oldest elementary school in the district, with a historic building that captures your attention with its classic framework and structure as soon as you walk through the door. Students love the school and the learning environment that is nurtured by caring teachers that believe in providing students with the best learning experience each day. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Neblett Elementary School

    Neblett Elementary realizes that a student's elementary experience will lay the foundation for their entire educational career. Every aspect of this campus focuses on increased student achievement while building and sustaining relationships with students, teachers, and families. The campus embraces the community and offers several programs for student enrichment and learning. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Sory Elementary School

    Sory Elementary is a great school that ensures all kids love coming to school. The campus ensures that students feel welcome inside their learning environment so that they are excited to learn.  The campus principal and teachers all feel that if children feel safe, and cared for, and can’t wait to come to school every day, that’s the “hook” to help them be motivated to learn and be the best they can be. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Wakefield Elementary School

    Wakefield Elementary is dedicated to guiding students to succeed while inspiring a strong passion for learning. The teachers are always thinking of innovative ideas to help our students become excited and focused on learning while promoting a healthy social and emotional balance by offering several campus clubs students may join. The campus believes in nurturing student development by bridging the community, home, and school for our students and their families. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Washington Elementary School

    Washington Elementary is a great place to learn. Each day, the campus principal and teachers strive to ensure that all students reach their fullest potential through engaging and innovative learning. In order to maximize the success of all students at this campus, you will find several classroom activities and a strong focus on educating the whole child through character education classes and several campus clubs for students to participate in. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Dillingham Intermediate School

    Dillingham Intermediate is a campus dedicated to providing learning opportunities that will prepare all students to become successful learners. The campus serves students in the 5th and 6th grades and provides them with rigorous academics and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Piner Middle School

    Piner Middle School serves 7th-and 8th-grade students with a wide variety of activities and opportunities where they can explore their full potential as young Bearcats both on campus and in the community. The campus provides a supportive school atmosphere that focuses on the development of well-rounded students by meeting the social and emotional needs of all students. All students are encouraged to be involved in both academics and extra-curricular activities and the campus encourages parents to become active educational partners to ensure success for all students. Click here for the campus TEA report card.

    Perrin Learning Center

    Perrin Learning Center offers a variety of alternative education programs that meet the needs of our diverse population of students. By fostering interpersonal skills, motivation, engagement, and study skills, our programs are designed to ensure student success and address the academic and emotional support needs of our students that typically cannot be met in a regular classroom setting. Click here for the campus TEA report card

    Sherman High School

    Sherman High School has a graduation rate of 98%, and our students are continuously recognized for outstanding academic accomplishments throughout the year. Students participate in award-winning extra-curricular programs in academics, athletics, fine arts, career and technology fields, and a number of clubs and student leadership organizations. The campus principals and teachers recognize the value of all extra-curricular programs and their ability to boost academic success, student engagement, and school pride. In order to maximize student learning and connection to the real world, our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and our teachers utilize innovative techniques to create well-rounded learning experiences. Click here for the campus TEA report card