College Planning

  • This page provides resources for how to plan for college, how to select the right college for you and possible advanced degrees.

    Some suggestions or ideas that might be helpful to you:

    • Research all of the factors that are important to you - size, location, majors/programs, costs, etc.
    • Make actual visits to the campus of each college you are considering. 
      • Official "preview" days/weekends and open houses can be extremely beneficial.
    • Use a "checklist" or "comparison" form or create your own.
    • Public schools are generally less expensive than private schools (at least on paper).
    • Community colleges (2-year) are less expensive than universities (4-year).
    • Apply to at least one "target" school, one "reach" (aka "dream") school, and one "safety" school.
    • Narrow your choices down to save money (application fees).
    • Pay attention to deadlines.


    College Search Tools:

    Xello - Our district college & career planning software tool.

    Big Future - College planning tool hosted by College Board.

    College Score Card - An online tool with college-specific information about student costs, loans and potential earning power.

    College for All TexansFor student graduating from a Texas high school and attending a Texas college or university.

    You Can Go! - Create a college road map using College Board resources. 

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