Building Bearcats for College & Careers

  • It is Sherman ISD's goal to build Bearcats to College and Career success. SISD encourages students to actively plan for the future as early as elementary school. Our counseling staff is available to assist students and parents in exploring the world of higher education and career planning. The links to the left provide more resources for College and Career planning. 


    What does it mean to be College and Career Ready?

    It's a combination of concrete knowledge, skills and dispositions that students must demonstrate at mastery level to be prepared for postsecondary success. According to the American Institute for Research, half of the United States believes in the following six actionable categories to be labeled as College and Career Ready:

    1. Academic Knowledge
    2. Critical thinking and/or Problem Solving 
    3. Social and Emotional Learning, Collaboration, and/or Communication
    4. Grit/Resilience/Perseverance
    5. Citizenship and/or Community Involvement
    6. Other activities, such as technology, lifelong learning, responsibility to the environment and family


    Sherman ISD will have a continued focus on TEA's accountability standards and on additional factors important to the development and growth of each child.