Media Credential Request

  • The following media credential guidelines were established to provide a clear understanding of the procedures followed by the Sherman Independent School District in processing requests for media credentials.

    • Individuals must have a Sherman ISD issued sideline media pass to be on the sideline or courtside.
    • Sideline media passes are applicable for all home athletic events.
    • Photographers/Videographers must remain at least 3-5 yards from the sideline or court during play, and may not be in team areas, dugouts, or near player benches, or coaches box at any time.
    • Number and location of media personnel is subject to change or limitation by Sherman ISD or game officials.
    • There shall be no interaction with players, coaches, or officials before or during play.
    • Sherman ISD prohibits the sale of photographs and recordings of SISD athletic events without prior approval from the SISD Director of Communications.
    • Requests must be received three school days before the event. Late requests will not be considered.
    • Acceptance of the media sideline credentials constitutes an agreement by the individual to abide by all media regulations of Sherman ISD.
    • Sherman ISD reserves the right to refuse admittance to the sideline or courtside to anyone at any athletic event.
    • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in forfeiture of credentials and access to all Sherman ISD athletic events.
    • Access to student athletes, coaches, locker rooms or other areas for interviews, photos or media needs is at the discretion of the Sherman ISD Athletic Coordinator and/or the head coach, or Director of Communications and should be arranged prior to the event. Contact the Athletic Department for information.
    • Media shall comply with requests made by administrators or coaches on duty during any Sherman ISD event.

    Sideline Etiquette

    • Stay behind the media line (or if no visible line, stay a minimum of 3 yards off the playing field / out of bounds line.) 
    • Stay out of the referee paths.
    • Do not enter the team boxes. This is generally the areas between the 25 or 30-yard lines. This area is clearly marked with box lines.
    • Never use a tripod while working the sidelines. Monopods are recommended for large lenses.
    • Be cognizant of cables from video/TV cameras, especially the sideline remote videographers.
    • Never stand directly behind a kneeling or standing photographer. If he/she has to move suddenly to avoid getting hit by players, you may impair their movement.
    • Be courteous and polite.
    • Flagrant violators will be removed from the field.


Media Credential Application

  • To apply for SISD media credentials, please click here.

    Upon approval, you will be notified by email and given instructions on where to pick up your credentials on the day of the game you request to cover.