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  • Julie Hill, Coordinator of Counseling and Student ServicesJulie Hill

    The Sherman ISD Counseling Program is built upon the National Model outlined by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). The Counseling Department facilitates our students' personal/social academic and college/career development through the delivery of comprehensive data-driven methodology and develops appropriate support services. All curriculum and activities reflect these high standards.

    The Sherman ISD Counseling Program is a comprehensive curriculum, preventive in design and developmental in nature. The curriculum is written to ensure equity and access. The Counseling Curriculum focuses on three areas or DomainsAcademic, Career, and Social/Emotional. The purpose of the Program is to impart specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes that lead to specific learning outcomes or competencies within these areas.

    The mission of the Sherman ISD Counseling Department is to support all students in achieving their personal,  academic, and career goals.  We will unite our stakeholders to advocate for equity, access, and success for every student. Using our innovative and resourceful curricula, we will provide exceptional learning experiences in a caring, supportive and professional environment.

    The Counseling Department of Sherman ISD believes:

    • All students are unique and valuable and will be served by the counseling program.
    • All students can learn, and we recognize that they learn in different ways.
    • The school and community must embrace diversity and promote the value of the individual.
    • At all times we will act as the student advocate.

    The comprehensive school counseling program should:

    • Be based on goals and developmental student competencies provided by the American School Counselors Association, the Texas Department of Education and the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.
    • Be proactive in addressing the students’ developmental needs in the areas of academic/personal/career.
    • Be planned in collaboration with all stakeholders in the school and community.
    • Be data-driven to identify needs and set goals and expected outcomes of the counseling program.

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Counseling and Student Services Team

  • Crutchfield Elementary School
  • Dillingham Intermediate School
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Fred Douglass Early Childhood Center
  • Jefferson Elementary School
  • Neblett Elementary School
  • Perrin Learning Center
  • Piner Middle School
  • Sherman High School
  • Sory Elementary School
  • Wakefield Elementary School
  • Washington Elementary School
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