• School facilities are often named for a person; in honor of a historic event or place; a distinctive geographic location; or for a major donor.  Sherman ISD’s Board of Trustees has authorized a process for considering facility names; whether it be for a full facility or a portion of a facility.  This process for naming facilities is outlined in CW Local policy (i.e., Naming Facilities).  The term “facility” refers to a new or existing school or Districtwide complex owned and operated by the District. The term “portion of a facility” includes a building, library, media center, auditorium, performing arts center, gymnasium, athletic field, or other portion of a school or support complex or property owned and/or operated by the District.

    Nominations for naming facilities must be made in writing on a form provided by the District.  This form may be accessed as a printable or interactive pdf:

  • Names may be submitted at any time through the form provided by the District, but consideration by the Board of Trustees will occur from January to March.  Names submitted later than possible to review may be considered in future years.  All nominations for naming facilities will be considered based on Sherman ISD CW Local policy. 

    For more information, please contact Dr. Tyson Bennett (Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations) at tbennett@shermanisd.net or 903-891-6415.