Tardy Policy

  • You will receive a tardy if you are not sitting in your seat, logged on, and ready to go before the tardy bell rings.

    One of the ways that we show respect to our school and our teachers is by being on time to class all day every day. When you graduate from high school, you will need to be on time for your college classes or on time to your job.

    Timeliness is important.

    • Be efficient during passing period. This time is for getting from one class to the next class. It is not a time for visiting with friends
      • talking unnecessarily
      • being on your phone by texting
      • or listening to music.
    • If you need to visit your locker – plan to do so before you are released from your previous class.
      • Go directly to your locker and get your materials, then proceed to class.
      • Get there quickly and on time.
    • If you need to go to the restroom –
      • Go to the bathroom that is the closest to your classroom.
      • Do not visit or waste time in the bathroom.
      • Take care of your needs and proceed quickly to class.


    Mr. Mullins' Tardy Policy

    • 1st Offense = Verbal Warning
    • 2nd Offense = Lunch Detention (parent/guardian contact)
    • 3rd Offense = Lunch Detention (parent/guardian contact)
    • 4th Offense = Lunch Detention (parent/guardian contact)
    • 5th Offense = 30 min Detention (parent/guardian contact)
    • 6th Offense = 1 hr Detention (parent/guardian contact)
    • 7th Offense = Office Referral (parent/guardian contact)

    Please note that my tardy policy starts of over after every 7 tardies. It also starts over at the beginning of each 9 weeks.