• Cell Phone Use at Piner Middle School is a privilege and not a right. There are Green Zones and Red Zones that have been established you and your peers’ safety.


    Green Zones:

    • Hallways
      • No headphones during passing periods
      • You may not loiter (stand around) or share devices during passing periods
    • Cafeteria
      • Headphones are allowed only in cafeteria before and after school, and during lunch


    Red Zones: Cell Phone use is STRICTLY prohibited


    • Unless advised by classroom teacher that you may use it.


    • No Cell Phones or headphones or earbuds.
    • Gym
      • This includes the locker rooms

    Field House

    • No Cell Phones or headphones or earbuds
    • This includes the locker room


    If a student is using a device without permission during the school day:

    • 1st Offense - The teacher is to confiscate the device and keep it until the end of class. Teachers must secure the device in a locked drawer or cabinet or keep the device on their person to ensure security of the device. The device should be returned to the student at the end of class to minimize the liability of the teacher.


    • 2nd Offense - The teacher is to confiscate the device, and turn it in to the main office. Parent must pick up the phone. (See Cell Phone Policy stated in the Student Handbook.


    • 3rd and Subsequent Offenses – Phone will be confiscated. The phone will be held 15 days or the student must pay $15. Parent must pick up the phone.