Sherman ISD Accountability

State Accountability Ratings

  • School districts and campuses in Texas are evaluated under the the state's accountability system each year.  the Texas Education Agency (TEA) sent out the 2018 ratings fro campuses and districts in August 2018.  This is the first year that TEA rated districts on an A-F scale.  Campuses received a Met Standard or an Improvement Required rating. 

    Districts and campuses are rated on three domains:

    Domain One - Student Achievement is a compilation of STAAR scores, College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) and Graduation Rates. Only High Schools and Districts are rated on CCMR and Graduation Rates.

    Domain Two - School Progress consists of two areas: Part A is Academic Growth and is based upon individual academic student growth in Reading and Math only. Part B is Relative Performance and is a comparison of STAAR performance between similar districts or campuses.  This domain’s score is the higher score between Part A and Part B.

    Domain Three - Closing the Gaps is a compilation of disaggregated student group performance in four areas: grade level performance, academic growth, English language proficiency and overall student achievement.

    Seventy percent of the overall score for a campus or district is determined by selecting the better score of Domain One or Two. Domain Three accounts for 30% of the rating.  This overall score is then put on a 100 point grading scale and assigned a letter (A=90-100, B=89-80, C=79-70, etc.) for an overall A-F rating. In 2018 only districts received a letter grade rating.

    District and Campus Ratings are located here.