Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Jenny

I'm originally from the amazingly beautiful state of Wyoming. I love everything outdoors, camping, building fires, ect. and so many other fun activities outside. I have animals still in Wyoming on my best friends ranch which also include my horse James. I have two cats here in Texas Zeus, and Odin. I play the Fiddle, and as a youngster competed in many fiddle championships. I'm very into fitness and going to the gym, it has been quite a journey for me. I lost over 100 pounds in a little over a year, and am now building muscle, and am trying to better myself physically, and in every way every day. I was asked years ago if I would lend my outdoorsy knowledge to young ones in cub scouts, and did that for many, many years. I had a lot of fun teaching little ones how to tie knots, fire safety, and about so many other aspects of life, and how to be a good and patriotic citizen of any community. I love life, and have many trials just like anyone, but I always try to look for the good in everything. Life is Beautiful!