Hands-On Equations/Algebra

  • Third and fourth grade students will begin a semester long study of Algebra using special manipulatives beginning in January. The program developed by Dr. Henry Borenson is called "Hands On Equations."

    This is an exciting program that will have the students solving equations!

    Hands-On Equations is a program that uses the visual and kinesthetic approach developed by Dr. Henry Borenson to provide students with an algebraic foundation for success with algebra.

    Visit the Challenge website to learn more about the program and explore the website: http://www.borenson.com/AboutHandsOnEquations/WhatIsHandsOnEquations/tabid/1003/Default.aspx

    Hands-On Equations Sample Equations: Three Levels


    Hands-On Equations consists of three levels.  At each level the students learn how to setup and solve the equations using the game pieces;  once they have mastered this approach, they are taught how to setup and solve the equations using only paper and pencil with the pictorial notation.