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    Dates to Remember:

    • Week of August 26th – Challenge starts!

    • September 2nd– Labor Day Holiday

    • Week of September 9th—Challenge paper work due

    • October 1st—Elementary Open House




    Pottery in rocks

    Archaeology - Discoveries
    During the first month of Challenge we will study the actual scientific methods and tools of the archaeologist. Students will also develop an understanding of the rich vocabulary specific to the field of archaeology.





    Be sure to sign and return the Challenge Permission to Serve Form and the other forms sent home with your child. Forms are due the week of September 9th.  Thanks!!


    Can you help?

    Can you contribute any of the following for your child's Challenge class?  Students and teachers will be most appreciative! 


    • Clorox Wipes
    • Paper Towels
    • Kleenex
    • Baby Wipes
    • Bottled Water


    Please check your child's Challenge folder each week and help them to remember to return it the following week. Items to look for are Weekly Challenge assignments and notes from the teacher. The newsletter is also sent home in the folder. Please remove items that are in the side that says Keep At Home. Sometimes your child may share their Challenge papers with you, but they are left in the folder. It helps us to know that you are receiving communication if the papers are removed.

    If papers are sent in the side that says: Return to School, then please place them back in the folder and return in time for your child's Challenge day.

    Thank YOU!