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    The Challenge program is providing weekly Challenge lessons.  The lessons are provided online through the Challenge Google Classroom and in printed form through the Challenge packets that can be picked up from your child's school.  In addition, Challenge teachers are communicating with families through Class Dojo, email, phone calls, and texts.  If you have not been contacted by your Challenge teacher, please send her an email and she will get you set up to do some fantanstic Challenge learning!



    Spring Testing Update:

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the SISD Elementary Challenge GT Testing Procedures  and testing timeline have been changed in the following ways:
    • Kindergarten - 3rd Grade referrals will be tested when school resumes for the 2020-2021 school year.  This will allow for the small group and one on one testing that needs to take place.
    • Current 4th Grade referrals will be tested late in the summer, if possible.  If we are unable to test this summer, SISD will use current achievement data to determine GT placement for the 2020-2021 school year.



    Dates to Remember:





    Pottery in rocks

    We Continue Our Explorations!

    Challenge students are studying the exciting world of archaeology as we continue this topic in the second semester of school. After learning about Otzi, the Ice Mummy, King Tut, Emperor Qin, and the archeological riches at Pompeii, students will be learning about the fascinating archaeological finds of the Anasazi, Maya, the and the Viking cultures. The students are learning so much about the science of archaeology!





    Archaeology Dig:  At this time we do not know if the dig will take place.  Stay tuned.

    Challenge students from all Sherman elementary schools will attend an archaeology dig at Neblett Elementary School the week of April 13-17. Permission slips will come home soon.  We also need volunteers that week.  We need people to bury artifacts after each group attends the dig. Please use the following SignUp Genius link to volunteer to help, or contact your child's Challenge teacher.

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    Math will continue to be a strong part of our curriculum this month. First and second grade students will continue to work on Problem solving strategies. Third and fourth graders will participate in Hands On Equations, a phenomenal algebra program for young students.  This program teaches the basic principles of algebra using manipulatives.  It is one of the most amazing things we have seen in our teaching careers. 

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    Please check your child's Challenge folder each week and help them to remember to return it the following week. Items to look for are Weekly Challenge assignments and notes from the teacher. The newsletter is also sent home in the folder. Please remove items that are in the side that says Keep At Home. Sometimes your child may share their Challenge papers with you, but they are left in the folder. It helps us to know that you are receiving communication if the papers are removed.

    If papers are sent in the side that says: Return to School, then please place them back in the folder and return in time for your child's Challenge day.

    Thank YOU!