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    Dates to Remember:

    • October 5-Open House/Curriculum Night 5:00-6:30
    • October 6-No School/Professional Learning Day
    • October 9-Holiday
    • October 20-No School/ Professional Learning/Parent Conferences
    • Week of October 23-Red Ribbon Week


    The Brain

    Challenge students continue to learn about their exciting brains. Students have created Google Slide presentations about the lobes of the brain. As they present their lobes to the class, we are conducting experiments related to each lobe.  After these experiments, students will learn about how we found out some of the facts we know about the brain. 


    Algebra 3rd-5th / Code Crackers K-2nd

    Third and fourth, and fifth graders will begin lessons on algebra through the Hands On Equations method. It is an exciting program teaching students the concepts behind algebraic thinking. It is an amazing program!

     K- second graders continue with Codecrackers and mental math. They are doing a great job! Second grade will have a special emphasis multiplication and the memorization of basic multiplication facts.


    Challenge Chess

    Challenge students (grades 2-5)are doing a great job learning the pieces of chess and how each piece moves. Now we are moving to the strategy of playing chess. After that we will begin working on Chess Puzzles. That is what they will experience in the UIL competitions. Our UIL competition will be later in the Spring. They are doing an amazing job!




    Please check your child's Challenge folder each week and help them to remember to return it the following week. Items to look for are Weekly Challenge assignments and notes from the teacher. The newsletter is also sent home in the folder. Please remove items that are in the side that says Keep At Home. Sometimes your child may share their Challenge papers with you, but they are left in the folder. It helps us to know that you are receiving communication if the papers are removed.

    If papers are sent in the side that says: Return to School, then please place them back in the folder and return in time for your child's Challenge day.

    Thank YOU!