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    Dates to Remember:

    • November 22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday




    Challenge students are continuing to learn a great deal about the world of architecture. We are now studying about skyscrapers, how and why architects want to create them and what some of the problems are when building these huge giants.   We are learning about famous architects. Second graders will work together to research the works of a few select famous architects. Third through Fifth graders will choose from an extensive list of important architects. After researching their architects, they will produce a project to share their information. 

    The third, fourth, and fifth graders are doing some great presentations each week! We are blown away!



    First Grade Corner

    First Grade is continuing their study of traditions.  Students are using Thinking Maps to help take notes for their Traditions Research.  The kiddos are using many text features to help them locate information in their resources.


     Supplies Needed

    Many of the Challenge classes are in need some of the items below.  Please check with your specific Challenge teacher to see what needs there are.

    Paper Towels

    Clorox Wipes

    Notebook Paper

    Elmer’s Glue Sticks

    Thanks for all you do for the Challenge class. We appreciate you!




    Family Time Idea


    CS Robert's House


    Have you been the Roberts House? The C.S.Roberts House is located at 915 S. Crockett. Tours are conducted from 1-4 on Sundays and are free. Go check it out if you are looking for a family field trip. Photo courtesy of the  Grayson County’s only Eastlake-Stick Victorian house. It resides in Sherman in an elegant stretch of Crockett Street called Heritage Row. The C.S. Roberts home was built in 1896 and remained in family hands until preserved by the Sherman Preservation League.



    This year we are reinforcing geometry concepts and how they relate to architecture.  First and second grade Challenge students will also continue to work on Codecracker Math. Third through fifth graders will continue to work on algebraic concepts using Hands On Equations and they will be delving into fractions. 


    Challenge Chess

    Challenge students are continuing to learn about Chess. We hope to participate in a chess UIL event in the Spring, but we will need to continue to monitor the COVID situation and will make a decsion in the spring.



    Please check your child's Challenge folder each week and help them to remember to return it the following week. Items to look for are Weekly Challenge assignments and notes from the teacher. The newsletter is also sent home in the folder. Please remove items that are in the side that says Keep At Home. Sometimes your child may share their Challenge papers with you, but they are left in the folder. It helps us to know that you are receiving communication if the papers are removed.

    If papers are sent in the side that says: Return to School, then please place them back in the folder and return in time for your child's Challenge day.

    Thank YOU!