• Pinnacle Gradebook: Sherman ISD Parent Viewer for Grades and Attendance

    Sherman ISD utilizes the Pinnacle Parent Portal system in order to enhance access through our Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) feature. The secured access requires a new confidential username and password for all registered users.

    If you experience difficulty or have any questions about this service, please contact your student’s campus.

    To access the Pinnacle Parent Portal sign-in page, click here.


    * The login ID and password confidentiality is crucial - Do NOT give to other people.
    * Please allow teachers turn around time to enter grades.
    * This is a privilege for parents to monitor their child's progress. Any misuse or abuse of this account will result in denial of access.
    * Missing assignments may be calculated in a variety of ways. Please check with your child and/or their teacher for the particular policy in the class.
    * If questions arise regarding grades, please visit with your child, teacher, counselor, or principal.
    * If questions arise regarding the online gradebook, please email parentviewer@shermanisd.net and allow 5 business days for a response.