Challenge Facts To Know

  • Challenge Facts for You to Know


    Challenge is an elementary G/T enrichment/extension pullout program for students having high general intellectual ability or specific subject aptitude.


    Challenge provides a thematic based curriculum emphasizing the four content areas of Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.


    Anyone may refer a student for identification at any time.  Students are tested only during set screening times.


    G/T specialists screen only referred students who have written parent permission to be tested.


    Students new to SISD are eligible to be screened in the fall.


    Referred Kindergarteners are screened in January/February.


    All students are eligible to be tested in the spring as long as it has been a calendar year since their last G/T screening.


    Students are screened using multiple criteria, both objective data (group and individual ability tests, grades, achievement tests) and subjective data (GATES rating scale).


    We offer both verbal and non-verbal testing as well as testing in Spanish for the bilingual/ESL learners.