Debt Overview

  • The following information is provided to allow Sherman ISD tax payers an easy to understand source for the district's debt obligations.

    2020-2021 Adopted Tax Rate

    • M&O Tax Rate: $0.9907 per $100 of taxable value
    • I&S Tax Rate: $0.479 per $100 of taxable value
    • Total Combined Tax Rate: $1.4697 per $100 of taxable value

    Current Credit Ratings

    • Moody’s: Aaa/Aa3
    • Standard and Poor’s: AAA/AA-
    • These ratings reflect the Sherman ISD’s sizeable tax base experiencing rapid enrollment growth and healthy reserve levels.
  • Series 1995A and 1996 bonds were used to modernize various campuses at the district.

    Series 2004, Series 2006-A, Series 2007, Series 2008, Series 2012, Series, 2013, and Series 2014 were part of a bond package in 2004. The funds were used to modernize all campuses in the district, construct Sory Elementary School, Construct Neblett Elementary School, construct Dillingham Intermediate School, Construct Sherman ISD Service Center, and modernize all other campuses

Bond Payment Schedules

Texas Municipal Reports for Sherman ISD