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    Sherman ISD is proud to partner with Naviance to offer a college and career planning portal to all secondary students. Naviance helps students and families connect what students do in the classroom to their life goals, including finding colleges and careers based on their personal skills and areas of interests. The Naviance platform gives schools, parents and students a central location to set goals and priorities for individual students, track their progress, and measure student outcomes across their entire student population in order to improve college and career readiness. Naviance helps students plan a course of action to reach their goals, find resources to prepare academically, and discover their own path.

    Connect Learning and Life

    Naviance enables students to find college and career pathways that are right for them:

    1. Set personalized goals and keep notes within their profile
    2. Assess strengths with a suite of career and learning style assessments
    3. Explore career options based on interests
    4. Search for colleges and maintain lists of potential college matches
    5. Research scholarships and other financial planning information

    *Please visit your school counselor for more details or help accessing your Naviance account. 

  • Student Log In - Students should navigate to their SSO log in screen. Choose the CLEVER app available on the SSO menu. Then find the Naviance software as a choice to log in. You'll log in will be your SISD computer log in. 


    Teacher Log In - Teachers, please go to and sign in using the Naviance ID option.