• Video Projects

    Each student will submit one video every Friday starting Friday, January 24. The last video should be submitted by Friday. March 6, 2020. Each student will submit his/her own edited version with a total of seven videos submitted. Students will select their own order for completion (ex. Montage, Documentary. etc.) The video should include credits of everyone that help and their job.

    Group v Individual

    Create and record
    Decide which type of video will be group/individual
    Group Numbers 2-4 


    School appropriate
    Match the type
    Effects/Transition 2-4
    Credits Actors, Recorders, Props, Skit

    Type of Video


    Parody 2:00 -/+ :10

    Create a school appropriate spoof video

    Documentary 3:00 -/+ :10

    Video created from a select social question with 10 interviews

    Lip Sync :30-1:00 -/+ :10

    Create a video with students lip syncing as real as possible to music

    Non-human/Nature :45 -/+ :10

    Video using no humans for actors including a minimum of 10 different realistic scenes

    Informational 3:00 -/+ :10

    Create an informational video of a minimum of 5 things to do in  Sherman

    MashUp :30-1:00 -/+ :10

    Create a video combining 10 pre-existing video sources with no discernible relation with each other into a unified video

    Montage :30-1:00 -/+ :10

    Video made up of a minimum of 10 sequences combined with special optical effects