Benefits of Partnering

    To the School
         • Assistance in meeting school needs beyond available resources
         • Collaboration from the community in accomplishing the goals of their Annual School Improvement Plans
         • Expertise and technical support that helps provide more complete educational opportunities
         • Volunteers in the classroom to help meet students educational goals and needs.
         • Support from the community to let students & staff know they are valued

    To the Business
         • Building support of schools among employees while also boosting morale and community engagement
         • Being recognized as a “Community Involved” business—enhancing public image of the business
         • Improved education of future employees and customers

    To Students
         • Opportunities to be engaged with successful role models and mentors from the community
         • Increased motivation to achieve success in academics, attendance, character and personal goals
         • Enriched curriculum and expanded educational opportunities
         • Increased sense that the community cares about their success

    To Community Organizations and Faith Groups
         • Meaningful community service opportunities
         • Boosting engagement of group members
         • Being recognized as an group that gives back to the community

    To Teachers
         • Increase instructional support
         • Improved morale
         • Recognition for effort and achievement
         • Assistance in the classroom, more time for planning and instructional activities
         • Additional resources not otherwise provided for
         • More contact with the community

    To the Community
         • A more engaged community
         • Increased awareness and communication among citizens
         • Strengthened school system
         • Educated citizenry
         • Well-prepared workforce
         • Improved economic development and ability to draw new business to the communi