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  • Sherman Ex-Students Board Honors
    Betty Roberts, Ex-Students Museum Director

    Courtesy of Bob Haynes/Herald Democrat Photographer

    On February 14, the Board of the SISD Ex-Students Association were hosts for a reception honoring the Museum Director, Betty Roberts, and the staff which includes the following very faithful workers: Mary-Lou Lueb '44, Peggy Oglesby Whitley '42, Mary Joe Reeder Clarkston '43, Katie Layman Thompson '35, R.C Harmon '44, and Elsie Lou Meither Harmon '46. These people give many hours each week to update and maintain the Ex-Students museum which gathers and displays information about the former students of Sherman schools which goes back as far as 1893. Every week, workers in the museum read through every available newspaper to find and record information about Sherman students from notable accomplishments to obituaries.

    The museum is located in the SISD Administration Building and is open on Wednesday afternoons for visitors. If you have not had an opportunity to visit the museum, you may be surprised to find that there is a great deal of information available for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

    The museum opened in 1993 and last year was visited by 1,000 people who wished to browse through the display of donated materials which includes 265 books of class histories, 128 class Athenians (from 1912 to the present, with the exception of 1918), two year books from Fred Douglass High School, 100 letter jackets and sweaters, 30 class rings (earliest one from 1922), numerous SHS trophies, photographs of class reunions, photographs of distinguished student/teacher awards, displays and more collections.

    On the day of the reception, there were several visitors, including Mrs. Jack Frost McGraw '28, who was delighted to find that the SHS yearbook for her graduation year was on display and available for her to look over.

    The staff encourages all ex-students of Sherman schools to join the Ex-Students Association. Dues are $10 per year, $18 for two years or you may purchase a lifetime membership for $100. Currently our oldest member is Elizabeth Tuck Higginbotham '17. The "Bearcat Bulletin" is mailed quarterly to members of the organization. Co-editors of the "Bearcat Bulletin" are Betty Roberts and June Collingsworth who welcome news of ex-students and their families.

    This information is not available anywhere else and, it is believed, Sherman is one of the few places that maintains such a museum. If you would like to visit our museum, volunteer your time to help, or donate items from your days at SHS or Fred Douglass School, please contact Betty Roberts at (903) 893-8250 or e-mail her at broberts2@prodigy.net. She will be able to provide the help you will need to accomplish your objective.