Distinguished Teacher/Student Nomination Form

  • 1. Deadline: The completed form must be presented to a Sherman Ex-Students Association Board member or mailed no later than June 30. The awards will be presented at the annual meeting held the 4th Saturday in September each year.

    2. Teacher: The teacher nominee must be a retired faculty member of the Sherman Independent School District and must have taught in Sherman for a minimum of 5 years.

    3. Student: The student nominee must have attended either Sherman High School or Fred Douglass High School. The nominee does not have to be a graduate.

    4. The nominee must be distinguished in his/her business profession and life’s work or worthy endeavor.

    5. The nominee must be a person of such integrity, stature and demonstrated ability that the Association, faculty, former and present students will take pride and be inspired by his/her recognition.

    6. The nominee must be an individual who, in deeds and actions, reflects and recognizes the importance of his/her education at Sherman High School/Fred Douglass High School, who demonstrates pride in his/her school and whose interests and loyalty are evident.

    7. Nominations must be submitted by members of the Sherman Ex-Students Association on the official form provided by the Association. (If not a current member of the Association, dues may accompany the nomination.) Associate Members of the Association are not eligible to nominate. Also included with the official nomination form will be a list of past honorees. The nominee does not have to be a member of the Association. The nominator or a designated person should attend the annual awards meeting ceremony. Award will be presented by the emcee.

    8. The submitted nomination should include sufficient information concerning the nominee including class year, maiden name (if applicable) and all data pertaining to the qualifications that make this nominee a viable candidate for the award. If no information is provided or if information is insufficient, the nomination will not be accepted.

    9. Current serving board members are not eligible for nomination and are not eligible to submit nominations.

    10. Please submit only one nominee per form. More forms are available by request. All nominations received will be considered for the current year and selected by the Board of Directors. Nominees who are not selected for the current year can be re-nominated for future consideration but must be resubmitted each year.