STAAR ™ Student Testing Program Guide

  • What is STAAR? STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, which is the state’s student testing program. The assessments are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, which are the state curriculum standards. Beginning in grade 3 through high school graduation, students will be tested in the core subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies.

    What is the purpose behind STAAR or the standardized testing of my child? STAAR tests show whether a student has mastered specific knowledge of a core subject at a certain grade level. Test results should provide parents assurance that their child is prepared to enter the next grade level within their school district or any Texas district. Finally, the results provide educators and administrators with uniform information about where to focus resources – especially in the core subjects being taught.

    How many STAAR tests are there each year in elementary and middle school? The number of tests taken each year will vary, depending on the grade level:

    • Grade 3 – Mathematics, Reading
    • Grade 4 – Mathematics, Reading
    • Grade 5 – Mathematics, Reading, Science
    • Grade 6 – Mathematics, Reading
    • Grade 7 – Mathematics, Reading
    • Grade 8 – Mathematics, Reading, Science, Social Studies

    What are the five tests required in high school? In order to graduate from a Texas public high school, students must pass five end-of-course tests:

    • English I
    • Algebra I
    • U.S. History
    • English II
    • Biology

    What if my child took one of these courses with a required end-of-course exam in middle school? If a student is enrolled in grade 8 or below and takes a course for which there is a STAAR end-of-course assessment, that student is required to take the applicable STAAR end-of-course assessment. Though taken in middle school, the tests will count toward the state’s high school graduation requirement.

    Where can I find more information about STAAR? The latest information about STAAR can be found on the Texas Education Agency website at

    How do I find my child's scores for STAAR or EOC?

    You can access your child's scores through the Family Portal.

    To log in to the Family Portal, parents and guardians need a combination of three pieces of information for their child:

    • their child’s unique access code or Texas Student Data System (TSDS) ID,
    • their child’s date of birth, and
    • their child’s legal first name.

    To find help navigating or accessing the portal, click here.

    The Texas Education Agency has redesigned STAAR exams in the 2022-2023 school year to better align with classroom instruction. Due to the new redesign, results for grades 3 - 8 STAAR and End-of-Course (EOC) exams will be on a delayed schedule this year.

    Below is the results reporting timeline for districts and parents:

    May 31

    EOC exam scale scores and performance levels are available to  the district for decision-making regarding a student.

    June 30
    EOC results will be available in the Family Portal.

    August 11

    For grades 3-8, the district can access scale scores, performance levels, and STAAR Report Cards and make decisions regarding a student.

    August 16

    Results for grades 3-8 will be available in the Family Portal.

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