Sherman ISD Attendance Zones

  • To search for your address click the image below, a link to the Sherman ISD school zone finder will be opened.

    How to find the Attendance Zone for your House:
    1. To locate your address on the map, type your full address (ex: 123 Main St, Townsville, TX) in the search bar at the top of the screen or choose the "Find My Location" icon  
    2. Click near your address to display your attendance zones.


    How to find the Attendance Zone for your Apartment:
    1. Click the "Find an Apartment" icon  
    2. From the drop-down list, pick your apartment name.
    3. Click "Apply".


    How to view School Zone Boundaries

    • In the top right-hand corner click the "Legend" icon  
    • Campuses will be listed by zone colors.