Kindergarten Registration

  • Registration for Kindergarten is held on all elementary campuses.  
    Parents will need to bring the following documents to the campus their child is zoned for to enroll the student:
    • Parent's drivers license (for identification)
    • Certified birth certificate
    • Child's social security card (optional)
    • Complete up-to-date immunization record
    • Current proof of residence (view accepted documents)
      • If you and your family live with someone else and cannot provide proof of residence on your own, please be prepared to sign a Statement of Residence form.  This form must be signed and notarized by both the parent of the student(s) as well as the person who owns the property. The owner of the residence will also need to provide one of the proofs of residence from the list above.

    The campus will give you a Registration Packet to fill out. This will include:

    1. Student Registration Form
    2. Home Language Survey
    3. Medical Information Sheet

    If you have questions about this process, please call the campus your child is zoned to