Library Expectations & Policies

  • When you come to the library, we ask that you

    library expectations

    • A pass from your classroom teacher is required to work in the library during school hours.  Please sign in at the front desk when you enter.
    • Be courteous to students and staff.  Our library space is used for many purposes - instruction, testing, studying...please be mindful of others and speak quietly.
    • Drinks with caps/lids are allowed at the library tables only (not around computer stations).  Food is not allowed in the library.  

    Thank you!

  • Circulation Policies:

    Students are responsible for taking care of library materials and returning them on time. Due dates are stamped in books as a reminder.

    • Your student ID is needed to check out books.
    • Three  (3) books may be checked out at a time.
    • Please return all books on time within the 2 week loan period. 
    • Books may be renewed.
    • Books may be placed on hold.
    • You will be expected to pay for any damaged or lost books.