• Start of Class Process:

  • When you arrive to my classroom:

    You will form a line along the wall and wait for an invitation to come into my classroom. You will also be required to maintain silence while in the hallway. 


    Once you have been invited into my classroom, you will obey the following rules:

    Place your device in the designated spot located at the front of the classroom. Make sure that you place your device in the same numbered slot as the number on your computer station.

    Go to the computer station assigned to you

    Make sure to check the equipment and report any concerns to instructor.

    Make sure the keybord and mouse are plugged into the BACK of the computer.

    Navigate to Mr. Mullins' webpage

    Read Bearcat Country News

    Read Weekly Agenda for the current week.

    Begin working on the assignments for the day we are on.

    You must work on the previous day assignment if you have not completed it.