• Grading:

    1. Formative projects consist of daily projects making up 40% of your overall grade. Daily projects are not allowed to be corrected for a higher grade.
    2. Summative projects consist of specified projects identified with a red S and make up 60% of your overall grade. Summative assignments may be corrected up to a 70 in after school tutoring up to the 8th week of the grading period.

    Late Work Policy:

    1. Late one day deduction of 10 points.
    2. Late two days deduction of 20 points.
    3. Late three days deduction of 30 points, maximum credit 70 point 
    4. Late four days grade is a zero.

    Tutoring is offered on Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 3:30-4:00. Tutoring is NOT offered the last week of each grading period.