• Infographics!

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    For this project, you will create an infographic based on a topic that you have studied in another class. 

    Follow these steps to complete the assignment:

     STEP #1 Choose a topic that interests you. Do a little research and make sure there is a lot of information available for your topic.   Get approval first!

    STEP #2 Research your topic.  Prepare information, data AND REFERENCES!  Don't present false information!!!!

    STEP #3  Organize your data into your MAIN points

    STEP #4   Do a rough sketch of the infographic that will help you visualize the basic layout.  Make sure there is a visual theme with your design!  No messes or clutter!

    STEP #5   Begin designing your infographic!  Use Photoshop or Illustrator.

      Minimum size of the document -  (18x24).    Set up rulers/margins/sections with guides

     Set up main color swatches

     Determine the main 2-3 fonts to be used

      In addition to text, create icons, graphs, charts, graphics, photographs or illustrations

    • Must be at least 18x24.  However, most infographics are much longer.

    • Title/Topic of the infographic must be clear, placed towards the top.

    • Must present at least 3 graphs or charts with data

    • Text must be visually interesting
            - limited
      (only use text when necessary)
            - eye-pleasing fonts and sizes
      (no font too small, hard to read, or too ugly)

    • Group sub-topics together for quick reference (organization is crucial!).

    • Create AT LEAST 10 additional graphics in Illustrator.  Depending on their quality, the more you make, the higher your grade.  You can use Photoshop wherever you'd like to make your infographic complete.

    OKAY, three important suggestions......

    1)  Suggestions for a good infographic

    2)   What a bad infographic looks like


    3)  Steps to complete an infographic