Individual Projects


    The individual projects will help you personally continue to improve your skills in order to be able to contribute effectively to your group.  

    Be aware that individual and group project deadlines can take place simultaneously.  Do not spend all your time on just the individual projects.

    The Crane Project


    During this tutorial you will improve your rigging and animation skills, as well as learn several new tricks and techniques that will help you be able to do more complex animations.  

      • Download the zipped project folder at the bottom of this page.  Unzip the folder by simply double-clicking on it.  Place the "Crane Project" folder in your Animation folder on your desktop.  Open the scene, "Crane Project Start".
      • Watch each of the videos below.  You are required to do everything exactly as is demonstrated for you in the video.  The only exception is the animation, where you are more at liberty to be creative and do things a little differently.
      • You will receive five different grades:  one for each video, and a final animation grade.  After completing each video, let me know so that you may receive credit.

      • No temper tantrums.  And don't skip ANY step!!!  If it doesn't do what you want it to do, you'll have to go back and watch the video again because you overlooked a simple little step. 

    Video Tutorials

    Crane Project - 1  -  DUE 1/6

    Crane Project - 2  -  DUE 1/8

    Crane Project - 3  -  DUE 1/12

    Crane Project - 4  -  DUE 1/15

    Final Animation Requirement   -  DUE 1/20

    Your final animation for your crane scene will need to show these things:
    • The crane picks up and carries at least four boxes over to the truck.
    • One of the boxes, on the way over, accidentally slips from the grasp of the claw and falls to the ground.  Make sure the drop is believable.  Consider the weight of the box.  You may need to drop a real box and watch it for reference. 
    • Good, quality smooth movement of the crane and boxes.
    • The claw does not go through any boxes or the truck

    The Mouse Project


    This tutorial will introduce you to rigging a simple character without using HIK, along with some additional techniques that will be new to you, but very helpful.  

    The project that follows this tutorial will be the Mouse Project animated short that you will work on in your group.  

    • Follow the steps demonstrated in the tutorial.  You will need to end up with a mouse that is rigged, with controllers, exactly like in the video.
    • Make sure you pay special attention to the paint weights section.  I will check each controller to make sure there are no ugly deformations.  

    Video Tutorial:

    Rigging the Mouse
    Download the file for the scene below

    DUE 1/26

    The Cartoon Cat Project

    This project will guide you through the process of modeling a full cartoon character, and then rigging it so that it is ready for animation.  

    Modeling the Cat

    I understand that most of you could easily model this simple character without any tutorial, but there are several techniques that he uses that you have never seen before that are really useful and helpful.  

    Please watch the videos in YouTube or fullscreen.  Be nice to your only have two!  

    Rigging the Cat

    Unlike the modeling section, you do not have the experience to be able to skip through the rigging tutorial if you want.  This tutorial takes your rigging experience with the mouse to the next level.  Follow each step very closely.  If something does not work right, go back and find out what you may have overlooked. 

    You will find painting weights to be a much more pleasant experience after following the instructions very closely here.  Good luck!!!

    You are required to do everything exactly as is demonstrated for you.  I will look for the following:
    • The Outliner must be clean and organized exactly as he shows you.
    • All of the controls must be useable.  I will check them all. 
    • The joints must be named correctly.
    • The skin weights must be clean, with no weird deformations.

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