Graphic Design 1

  •  Fictional Book Cover

    Infographics!         DUE MAY 6

    Design your own children's storybook cover

    Start with your own character for a storybook, designing it in Illustrator and finishing in Photoshop.

    Here are the requirements:
    • Begin with a sketch of your character.  It can be "inspired" by another character, but it must be yours. 
    • Then, sketch out the other things that you want for the cover as well....  In the tutorial you did a classroom with a wall and blackboard.  What will surround your character?
    • While designing your character in Illustrator, remember to make a layer for every shape, just like you did in the tutorial.  This is important for exporting to Photoshop.
    • You must use these techniques at least once --
      • Inner glow (step 1)
      • Gradient (step 1)
      • Clipping mask (step 4)
      • Gaussian blur (step 5)
      • Overlay mode in the Transparency panel (step 8)
      • Convert Anchor Point Tool (step 17)
      • Blend Shape Tool (step 17)
    • Export to Photoshop using CMYK color model (step 21)
    • Make sure your new document in Photoshop is at least 12 x 18
    • First thing in Photoshop, make sure you organize your layers.  Group similar layers together and make it clean.
    • Use these techniques in Photoshop at least once:
      • Apply a gradient overlay to one or more of your objects (Part 2- step 2)
      • Add other textures and images to enhance the quality of your entire cover (step 6)
      • Use the dodge tool and/or the burn tool (step 7)
      • Add a drop shadow to one or more objects (step 12)
      • Use the pen and tablet to draw additional necessary things to complete your cover (step 20)
      • Paint shadows where needed (steps 22, 24-27)
    • Finish with a well-designed title (with some effects added), author/artist credit, and maybe an award label. 
         DUE April 7

    Children's Storybook Cover

    This project will guide you through the entire production process of creating a storybook cover, beginning in Illustrator and finishing in Photoshop

    Complete the following tutorial as directed, step-by-step.  I will be checking for accuracy, completion and quality.

    **You can download the sketch for the monster image at the bottom of this page**


    Afterwards, you will then create your very own children's storybook cover, using many of the same techniques that you used in the tutorial. 
    Start thinking now about what kind of character and story you will want to create!  More details will follow soon...

    Create your own character!

        Complete the following steps after you have finished the tutorials!

    1. Sketch a cartoon character of some sort (animal or person) on paper.  Then scan and import into Illustrator.  Alternatively, you can draw with the digital pen in Photoshop and import into Illustrator that way.

    2. Begin in Illustrator by identifying and drawing the basic shapes that will make up your character.  Remember the bug, how you started by creating each part of it separately:


       3.  Requirements:

      • Your character must have depth, some 3D qualities.  Do this by utilizing gradients and/or shadow shapes:   (minimum 5 shapes)

                    SHADOW SHAPES                   GRADIENTS

      • The majority of the shapes should be created with the pen tool, unlike the last few tutorials you did.  This will create more advanced-looking images.  Compare these examples:

                Mostly circles,                          More complex
                with a few adjustments

      • You MUST do the following at least once:
        • Adjust your opacity (transparency or appearance panel)
        • Use the pathfinder

        4.  QUALITY:

    Level 1 -    
    Almost every requirement is met...except it looks bad!  It is way too simple, with very
    little effort and shows limited skill.

    Level 2 -   
    This is actually quite good,          Medium skill,
    but it only uses basic shapes.     Medium effort
    The pen tool was never used.     

    Level 3 -   Each of these shows good technique, effort and practice.
                   You do not have to be an excellent artist, like some of these artists, but you can demonstrate good skill, effort and technique.


        5.  BACKGROUND:

    Last step....add a background to your image!  Do more than just a solid color.  Add objects as would be appropriate for your character.  


    Cartoon Character Series:

    Complete each of the following tutorials  -- IN ORDER  

    Upon completing each, you will design and create your own cartoon character.  Pay attention to the techniques used in the tutorials in order to produce your own quality design.

    Bug     DUE 1/19

    Koala Bear    
        DUE 1/25
    Bunny       DUE 2/1

    Panda Bear   
        DUE 2/4
    Sun     DUE 2/8

    And, if you finish early check out this link for project options!

    The Bearcat Logo:

    -Download the bearcat logo at the bottom of the page.
    -Use tools you have learned so far, especially these:
    • Pen tool
    • Fill/Stroke
    • Pathfinder (Minus Front) 
    -Fill with maroon, and turn off the stroke.

            Intro to Illustrator

    Please download the following files to your "Graphic Design" folder.

    Illustrator - 1
    Illustrator - 2
    Illustrator - 3
    Illustrator - 4
    Bearcat logo

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