Animation Exercises



    First Set:

    Complete each of the following exercises along with your character modeling.

     #1 Dominoes

    Watch this short demo first...

    Your assignment is to create a small obstacle course by using a small ball to knock down numerous dominoes. Minimum dominoes is 50.  Oh yeah, that's right.  Think you can do 100 or more?  I dare you.  Uh huh.

    When you finish, and the animation is successful, right-click on the timeline and select 'playblast' to see the animation in movie format.

     #2 Ax Throw

    For the next tutorial, follow the instructions exactly as given.  There is a lot here to learn.  You will be graded on completion and exactness to the tutorials.  

    Access THIS WEBSITE to find the files for the project.

     #3 Trashcan Animation

    Use what you've learned in the last video to animate an object being thrown into a trashcan, causing the trashcan to tip over and all of the contents to spill out.  DO NOT USE DYNAMICS (gravity, etc...) like the first assignment.  Use the timeline.  You will need to model a trashcan, any object that you want to throw (a shoe, a pillow, a doll...not a poly primitive shape), and at least four objects inside the trash can.  Aim for believability.  Grade is for completion and quality.