Astronaut Project

  •   The Astronaut Project

    -STEP ONE:  Model the Astronaut

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    When the Airplane project is complete, you are ready to begin modeling your first character in Maya.  Complete your model in Maya by following along with this tutorial on Pluralsight. 

    The version of Maya in the tutorial is newer than what we use in the classroom.  You should be fine, though.  Some menus and tools have moved around, but you should be fine.  Just ask if you can't find something.

    -STEP TWO:  Complete your scene
    Begin with this first video to learn more concepts with texturing and creating a scene with your astronaut.

    By the end of the video, you will learn exactly what your next assignment isThere are two options

    • Use one of the mental ray materials for the shield
    • Texture the astronaut
    • Apply a glow
    • Model a spaceship and texture
    • Use the soft-select settings to stylize your planet's surface
    • Add objects in the sky
    • Choose an option for the next step

    Follow these tutorials for the astronaut animation option:

         Show me your rigged "arm" before you proceed to rig the astronaut!