First Semester

  •    Modeling Essentials:  The City Street Project & Smaller objects

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    Review Questions for Test:

    Write down your answers immediately after watching each video!

    #3 - Where would you enter the data if you wanted to duplicate an object in the Y axis?
           What keyboard command will duplicate an object?

    #4 - What key do you use on the keyboard to "snap to grid"?
           What key do you use to repeat the last command?

    #5 - How do you delete your history?
           How do you freeze transformations?
           How do you change the pivot?
           How do you group an object?

    #6 - What is the keyboard command to turn off visibility for an object?
           What is the keyboard command for smooth mesh preview?
           Where is Insert Edge Loop tool?
           What does adding more edge loops in smooth preview do for an object?
           What does offset edge loop tool do?

    #7 - In order to tighten up the edges of a shape that is smoothed, what should you do?

    #8 - T/F  NURBS geometry modeling uses curves to create shapes
           T/F  Polygon modeling differs from NURBS in that it uses faces, edges and vertices

    #9 - You can create a tube of any shape by extruding a ____________ to a curve

    #10 - To insert an isoparm, drag an existing isoparm, go to Edit NURBS and select _________________
             T/F  It is not possible to convert a NURBS object to a polygon

    #11 - How does the Outliner help us?
             ____________ ___________ lets us set the details for how we want to duplicate an object

    #12 - If an object is black, not gray, it means that the ___________ are reversed
             Moving the pivot allows us to do what?