Modeling Essentials

  • Modeling Essentials:   
    Small objects

    Complete, in order, a series of small objects as we finish off this first semester...


    Celtic Ring



    Final step:  Model an object of your choice!
         Please get approval for your object before modeling.


    For this project, you will watch several videos of techniques that I utilize in order to complete a scene of a downtown city street.  You will then use the same techniques to complete your own scene.  Here are the steps and requirements for this project:

    STEP 1:  Begin by planning your city scene.  YOU ARE NOT TO DO THE SAME CITY SCENE THAT I DO.  Now it's time to be creative! 
    • Download images from the internet of urban city scenes.  Find ones that contain elements that you like, that inspire you.  Refer back to them frequently during your modeling.

    • Then, draw a quick layout of your city from the top view.  Either use paper/pencil or draw in Photoshop.  Refer to it frequently as well.  Make sure there are 5 - 6 BUILDINGS in your scene.  This is what I did for mine:


    • Identify where the camera will be placed, and its direction. This is the view that we will see of your city when it is printed.  This is really important. 


    STEP 2: 
    After you have finished planning your city, it is time to get started. 

    • Watch each of the following videos.  For the first two videos you must do exactly what I do, but for the rest you will only watch the techniques and use them in your own scene. 

    • You are required to use EVERY technique that I show you in these videos.  You might use them in the order that I use them in my scene, but your objects should look somewhat different from mine.

    • Throughout the series of videos there are checkpoints.  At each checkpoint, STOP.  Make sure that you have used the techniques that you are required to use and that you are confident with them.  Raise your hand and I will come to your computer where you will then demonstrate some or all of the techniques for me and show me where you used them in your scene.  


    Lesson 1    click here for the tutorial

        Techniques you are required to use and understand:

    Planning the scene 


    Use the ViewCube

    Setting up your custom shelf

    Lesson 2

    Set up a plane for the ground

    Extrude the road

    Bevel the curb

    Create imperfections

    Lesson 3

    Set up the buildings with cubes

    Multi-Cut Tool

    Merge Vertex Tool

    Create the Show ViewCube shelf icon

    'Set current view to home' in ViewCube

    Layers for all buildings and road

    Delete unseen faces of buildings

    CHECKPOINT    (DUE  9/30)  Let me know when you have completed everything up to this point

    Lesson 4

    Modeling stairs

    Fill hole

    Modeling a door

    Use a cube for human reference

    Use CV Curve

    Surface extrude

    Modeling the railing on stairs

    Lesson 5

    Modeling windows

    Add selected objects to layers

    Adjust image size in Render Settings

    Lesson 6

    Modeling a door knob
    CV Curve tool
    Revolve Curve
    Reverse Surface Direction
    Modeling a door handle
    Quad Draw
    Center Pivot
    Smooth Preview (3)
    Make Live
    Modeling a balcony
    Paint Select (tab)
    Focus (f)
    Add objects to layers in channel box
    CHECKPOINT  Study and practice to make sure you KNOW everything up to this point.  Let me know when you are ready.

    Lesson 7

    Modeling a custom style balcony
    Bend deformer
    Modeling architectural detail
    Change pivot (home)
    Bridge Tool - curved
    Edit CVs

    Lesson 8

    Booleans - Difference
    Modeling a window with CV Curves
    Open/Close curves
    To CVs - Cmd+Rt Click
    Surface Extrude
    Delete Edge Tool
    Booleans - Union

    Lesson 9

    Modeling an awning
    Extract faces
    Booleans - Union
    Delete Edge Tool
    Modeling a street lamp
    Bend deformer
    Lattice deformer

    CHECKPOINT  Study and practice to make sure you KNOW everything up to this point.  Let me know when you are ready.