Pre AP Art III and IV

                                          Pre AP Art III and IV

    This class is available for students who have successfully completed Art II.  This course is oriented toward students who are interested in a professional degree in art and design.  The studio work at this level is for the student who are  capable of doing advanced work  in drawing, painting and design.  Students will be working with a  variety of professional media, such as graphite, prisma colors, pastels, watercolors and acrylics.  Students will be given an opportunity to pursue areas of special interest with the goal of further developing individual portfolios.  Senior level students are required to participate in the Art Show held in the spring.  Students at this level need to furnish most of their own materials; some drawing supplies will be furnished.

    Pre AP Art III and IV Students completed the same assignment as the Pre AP Art II Students.  They
    were assigned the drawing of the shirt and jacket still lives set up in the classroom.  They were able to choose their jacket or shirt, but they had to have a range of five values from light to dark in the completed work.
    These are a few examples:


    The second project for Pre AP Art III and IV was the Simplified Silverware Still life .  The Students used a lot of variety in the compositions and the methods used to complete this project.  Again Students were drawing from 3- D to 2-D.