Classroom News

    AP Students are working on Breadth 3, City in Perspective and Breadth 4, Inside a Silhouette. These students are hard at work getting their breadth section ready for AP Portfolio.

    Elijah                                      Tanner

     Pre AP Art II students completed the project, a Poem Paints a Portrait and are now working on the Art Manikin Parody.

      Pre AP Art III and IV students completed the Simplified Silverware and Viewfinder projects and are now beginning sketches for A Manikin in the Classroom   

    Simplified Silverware


    A Poem Paints A Portrait
    Pre AP Art II

    Pre AP Art II students have completed their Portraits and have begun the Art Manikin Parody painting.
    Pre AP Art I students have finished their shading folders and now are apply the skills learned by drawing and painting a dog portrait using tempera and five values.  They will mix the shades and tints to complete the portraits.