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    This course is designed for students who intend to pursue art as their electives in High School.  Students will be provided the opportunity to develop their art-making skills in order to express their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings.  This course goes beyond the regular Art I class.  The focus is on developing an ongoing collection or artworks in a portfolio that demonstrates the student's proficiency in using a variety of art media in order to display their knowledge and ability in using the elements and principles of design.  The portfolio development is intended to be a preparation for the AP Studio Art course.     

    The first assignment of the 2015-2016 school year was an introduction to  the art element, Line.  Students had to create a work of art based on the five ways to vary a line, length , width, direction, texture, and degree of curve. They used pastels on black paper to create the lines and this added a sixth way to vary by the use of color. 
        Examples from my 3rd and 4th hour classes. 



    We have continued the study of the elements of art with a unit over  space dealing with perspective. 


    Examples of Aerial and Angular Perspective