GAPP 2012

  • GAPP 2012

    GAPP stands for German American Partnership Program. It was started at Sherman High School in 1998, by Marcia Stewart. I joined with her in 2003 and have been the coordinator since then. We are partnered with Wolnzach (this is the name of the village), Gymnasium (type of school), north of  Munich. The Bavaria area of Germany is one of the most beautiful in Europe, where many kings built their palaces/castles, and was a main thoroughfare during the Crusades.
    After students apply and are selected, we begin planning for the three week trip to Germany. I send my students profiles to my counterpart in Wolnzach, who then chooses an equal amount of students and partners them with mine. These partners will live in each others homes and be treated as part of the German and American families during their stays. Also during the three weeks abroad, we take a side trip to Salzburg, Austria for four days. When the Germans come here, they too take a side trip.

    Students must, on both sides, attend ten days of school with their partners, and the host school must have a Welcome, and Farewell party. These are GAPP requirements for all schools partcipating.

    The major cost of the exchange will be the airfare. Two years ago it cost about $1300., however this year it was only $1520. I use Lufthansa airlines as in my experience traveling overseas they have the best service and most comfortable accomodations. The next major expense is the Salzburg trip. It runs about $400. for four days and three nights in a hotel, train fare, and one tour while in the city. Spending money is up to you and your budget. I recommend at least $300. There are a couple of good ways to get your Euros, which I will discuss at the first informational meeting.