English IV

    First 9-weeks is THE of Research Paper (which is all about the student's REAL LIFE future plans)
    Mondays will be Library Days & students will report to the Library rather than the classroom.
    We have clear instructions and simple grade checks.
    This is a relatively "painless" and SUPER-relevant paper, because it's about the student's real life plans for his or her future and the PRACTICAL steps that he or she will need to accomplish in order to reach that goal.
    Tuesdays will be de-brief days & instruction for the following Monday.

    Wednesdays & Thursdays will be LITERATURE DAYS, using the Lit. Books kept in the classroom.
    (We start with Beowulf and early English texts; reading in class. And, yeah, it's fun because the Vikings were a pretty "sketchy" bunch and their values simple and relevant.)
    We do a LOT of class discussion on the issues raised by any text we're reading in class.

    Fridays? Always an "iffy" proposition with various groups being "away" on School Related Activities, so we use it to prepare for the Monday Library Day.

    In early November: ACTUAL Final Draft of Research Paper is due IN CLASS.
           (Late penalties do apply.)
    One week later: The Power Point Presentation (summarizing the Paper, with artwork, etc.) is  due,
    (preferably on a USB drive, from which I will transfer the PP to my hard-drive and hand the USB back to the student immediately). 
    That week & the week following: Students present their power points to the class.