How to read my lesson plans/gradebook

  • Often I will type my lesson plans in Spanish and label my gradebook in Spanish so that the assignments match what I call them in class.  I created this quick reference for parents to 'decode' my abbreviations and Spanish.


    What constitutes a chapter/unit or major grammar test?

    • It will say 'examen de capítulo __' - literally 'test of chapter __.
    • It will say 'examen de gramatical concept (presente, pretérito, etc.).'
    • On my lesson plan page it is bold.

    What does not constitute a chapter/unit or major grammar test?

    • Examen de vocabulario - literally test of vocabulary
    • Prueba de __ - literally trial of __ (these are quizzes).
    • These are also bold on my lesson plan pages.

    Daily Work:

    The following terms are related to daily work:

    • Libro or libro de texto - text book
    • Libro de tarea (LT) - workbook
    • Actividades de escuchar - listening comprehension exercises
    • Ej. - abbreviation for ejercicio - exercise
    • Act. - abbreviation for actividad - activity
    • En clase or para el fin de la clase - in class or due at the end of class
    • Para el lunes (el martes, el miércoles, el jueves, el viernes) - due Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) indicating that an assignment has an extended due date.
    • Paquete de __ - Packet of __ (Indicating a homework packet)
    • Hoja de tarea - worksheet