Class rules

  • Classroom rules:

    1.  Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials.  Be seated before the tardy bell rings.

    2.  Respect:  Yourself.  Your teacher.  Your classmates.

    3.  Refrain from eating or drinking (anything other than clear water) in the classroom.

    4.  Refrain from talking if the teacher is talking or if office personnel are making announcements over the intercom system.

    5.  Refrain from all personal grooming during class.

    6.  Obey all school rules as defined in the student handbook – including dress code!



    1.  Warning

    2.  Detention (30 minute)

    3.  Detention (1 hour) with attempted parent contact

    4.  Office referral

    Severe disruptions to the learning environment will be grounds for immediate referral to assistant principal's office.